Pimp Or Be Pimped


Pimp Or Be Pimped
Comedian Bill Hicks said in an act: “I was over in Australia and they were asking me: ‘You proud to be an American?” Well, um, I don’t know. I didnt have a lot to do with it. My parents fucked there. That’s about all…I hate patriotism, I can’t stand it, it makes me fucking sick, it’s a round world last time I checked …in fact I’ll tell you how we can stop patriotism. Instead of putting stars and stripes on our flags we should put pictures of our parents fucking…see how many boot and rally mentalities can circle around that image!”
If you aren’t familiar with Bill Hicks, he was a poignant political commentator and infused many of his standup acts tackling the rampant stupidity that was erupting like volcanic infernos across the Americana panorama. A stupidity that can’t be separated from the constant baptisms of patriotism in the cesspools of a kleptocratic system that has convinced the vast settlers of America that giving away sweat and dollars for token services is someone exercising this mystic invention called “democratic principles.” Why? “Well, it’s about America,” is the rejoinder. America? “Yes, America, we must save our country!” Why? What about saving people? All this talk about saving the de facto, abstract corporate term, America, only serves to drag attention away from the people. It’s sort of like me saying I want to save my “birth name” and if my body doesn’t make it along, that’s the breaks. “Democratic principles” must prevail!
Tell the settlers that there is no such thing and they point to the ballot box or some corporate-financed organization as evidence of these “democratic principles”; organizations like the ACLU or NAACP that were created and financed by the same powers that have conspired since the inception of the Union to design a kleptocracy all to their liking. They might even point to something like the “freeing of the slaves” (being that I’m black, that is supposed to woo me) as a sign of our progress, not mentioning that Lincoln’s so-called emancipation was political and had nothing to do with those enlightenment principles multiplying in the petri dish of America and finally spreading to black America. It is not ungratefulness to recognize it; it is important to dispell the delusions associated with the Great Emancipation.
Lincoln wrote himself about his reservations for freeing the slaves and had every desire to see them returned to Africa. Same goes for the so-called Civil Rights movement and women’s liberation; the same kleptocratic class was behind these movements, and it had nothing to do with equalizing social roles, and everything to do with forceful segregation which has bred years of resentment and creating a whole new class of citizens to be pawned off for the growing debt. Again, not ungratefulness, just an observation and studies are showing that many areas are just as segregated as they were 50 years ago and the family, well, it speaks for itself. One of the leading voices of feminism, Gloria Steinem, had far too many shady connections to CIA and corporate interests to tranquilize that horse and Martin Luther King was tolerated until he began to speak out about the money-changers biggest death industry: War! It’s all smoke and mirrors, no different than an author creating antagonists and protagonists in a novel. The only thing holding this crap spiel up is that we have not had an ultimate denouement, where the curtain doesn’t fall but rises on the real players in the act (it’s happening, here and there, slowly and surely). In the meantime, we get crypto-fascism and countervailing; and people are happy to pick from the prefabricated slogans while the demolition team is busy setting the proverbial detonation devices in place to further the social anomie.
We have too many ladies and gentlemen, far too polite to make any radical judgments about the systems in which we live because many are quite satisfied with the “perceived” benefits even while others are suffering because of it. Too many harboring things that they will only admit in secret and only to those who won’t ridicule them, that their fears and doubts run deeper than is demonstrated while they are stuffing the ballot box or feeding dollars to a political organization. To deny or deflect attention away from where the problems are emitting from time and again because we have “nominal patriots” that think by their party securing just enough Senate seats or an extra spot on the bench they are saving the country is foolishness. This country will not be saved by elections or political action committees. Stuffing the halls of Congress with “reform” candidates is like putting cats in a tank of piranhas where they are ripped and razored by the tentacles of the usury monolith. These people do not move to our tune no matter how loud the cacaphony of disagreement. Must we look at the sad record in recent history of the overwhelming opposition to bills and laws that were passed anyway? Using the very system that has enslaved and is enslaving folks in hopes to find freedom is a dream deferred. It is rotten to the core and can only be “reformed” or rather “reborn”  through its own self-engineered demise. It will be a cathartic breakthrough if it is to happen and many of us believe it will for more reasons than political ones. Hell, ask that prescient Russian historian that was laughed at 15 years ago for his prediction of America’s “collapse.”
It’s all about the money, stupid! And many will agree with that but refuse to understand the depths of the usury monolith. It is easier to believe that a political system ruled by kleptocrats and maniacs can somehow serve anyone, that whole cognitive dissonance thing.  That is the reassuring banner in the mind to mollify us as we go about our American rote and tote, work and play routines. The one that throws the entire operation into a tailspin is to follow the “money trails”; not just one, but the many, multi-hydra headed money trails wherever they might lead. These things do not bore people; they frighten people. Mainly because it would force us out of the realm of being mere stenographers for the soundbites of the system and coming to our own conclusions; and one of the most important conclusions is that in a system with a centralized money structure, that money will always rule out over any so-called “progressive” or “revolutionary” candidates that are appointed to serve the people, particularly when these radical figures must come to the trough of the Money Trust (as Charles Lindberg called them) to feed from their slop. On top of that, they are already compromised before the oath is sworn, maybe a polaroid or some video footage, not to mention the extensive dossiers the intelligence agencies keep on all of these “stand alone” figures and so-called mavericks. Eliot Spitzer learned that lesson; his rendezvous with high-priced prostitutes was well known by intelligence. It was only when he spoke openly against the rampant mortgage fraud taking place in America did he find his fall. Tough luck, eh.


Voting is not about freedom; getting majorities in the House or Senate is not about freedom or change. It is a desperate grasp to lower the effects of the next round of serfdom. The thinking is that, hopefully, someone seemingly attentative to my worldview will be voted into office. And if that is the case I am quite pleased with terrororizing others with my worldviews, forcefully imposing them even because “Hell, the Right fucked things up for eight years. It’s our turn to run roughshod with our agendas no matter how many people disapprove or not.” Political bitterness, vendettas and vindictiveness. Ancient games of betrayal and payback. There is no sanity to it although it is held up as the most civilized process of government mankind has ever seen! And when it is called out for the insanity that it is, the criticizers are called out as anarchists or seditionists at worse.
“How would YOU do it better? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!” And here, I’ve been thinking all along it had more to do with the whole divide and conquer game they’ve willingly given themselves to in hopes of imposing their worldview and making us all drive Priuses. All these cute questions and anecdotes they offer up attempting to squash dissent and endorse the psycho-social bloodbath, terrorizing each other with agendas neither accept. Because in the end, that is all it is. Neither the Right nor the Left have any authority over the other, to tell one another how they should conduct their lives, what programs or reforms they should support or where their monies should go to. This is not simplifying the debate. It is just as simple as that. Two rabid political parties fighting it out tooth and nail every two or four years to distinguish the Sou Chef from the dishwasher. I’m sorry to tell you, you are both dishwashers and you’d be better off in realizing that. Please shut the hell up and if you can’t agree with one another, which is the majority of the time, secede, individually, politically, disenfranchise. If you refuse to see your common “enemy”, than political dissolution is the only path.
But no, the competition for who will enslave the other must continue, you know, for “democratic principles” and such, because we’re so cocksure our liberalism is better than your conservatism and vice versa, ad infinitum. But what’s even worse about this whole program is that these rabid pit bulls, no matter which one gets to sleep in the Master’s house for the next four years, have decided on far too many occasions and continuing that the ideologies of the rest of the world are far too pernicious for democracy and we must set examples and institute those “democratic principles” around the world. We are so good at it that we have turned it into an industry that is booming even when the rest of the world has gone bust. It’s got staying power! And the double murder is the elevation of our so-called democratic society that make us better than other human specimen because we’re fucking American and automatically qualify us with some divine stamp of supremacy to send mercenaries and eugenicists called “armies” around the world to prove it.
The troublesome pity I feel is of that old adage that misery loves company. I believe we are honestly so bitter, that there is such a disconnect between what freedom is and the kind being manufactured, that we must create catastrophe for others to alleviate that contradiction. It ties in to many factors that I won’t discuss but Erich Fromm touches upon so well in his book The Sane Society where he contemplated the psychosis in Western European societies that are suppposedly more “advanced” than others. The rank despair we must feel, the eeking through the vile to survive that only exacerbate the selfishness mode.  
I don’t criticize any kind of selfishness because we all must be self-guided in our ways but the overemphasis on selfishness alone in a quack capitalist system that fuels it will be our undoing. We do not look to the repressed around the world with solidarity, but instead turn our faces away, content to drown out the sounds of death we are guilty of in our collective silent complicity, and deleting the images of dead children because things are rough in our neck of the woods too, why should we care? Hell, many of us think these folks deserve what they get for no other reason than their leaders had some beef with “our” leaders and see fit to delegate their fight to thousands of other deluded men called “soldiers.” What happened to a good ol’ fist fight or 12 step pistol drawl? If they must fight, let those who pound the drums of war the loudest fight and that means the small group of insiders stoking the flames. Wouldn’t you love to see these high-powered eunichs settle their squabbles with something like mud Sumo wrestling in a reinvisioned Roman Coliseum? Dick Cheney vs Ahmadinejad in Round 1 and Barack Obama vs Vladimir Putin in Round 2! (and this is only the amateur slate)
But no, there is a mere Ra!Ra! to push our swords into plowshares. The political astute in this country believing that there really is good at the heart of the system, who has rationally reached his decision because he has “studied the issues” or “vetted the candidates,” is nothing more than a satellite for forces he neither sees nor understands. The idea that he can be sold to the cause of preserving a corporation or entity such as government is itself a postponement of his own murder. All things are disposable to the preservation of the nation state. Not merely the foreigners, rice-growing Vietnamese, Paraguyan and Chiliean farmers or 500,000 Iraqi children as Madeliene Albright dismissed, but those who support the nation State are likewise as disposable. The State does not appeal to the public because it cares about their woes; it appeals to the public to legitimate its own power, to stroke its inconceptual ego. Soon, if the zeitgeist evolve, and the proper conditions met, the guns used to preserve the kingdom will turn against those inside the kingdom. Maybe it doesn’t happen straightaway; and maybe it is not a gun in the traditional sense of the word, at least at first.

Outright usurpation is a bit difficult these days. Surreptition and subversion is preferred and the banker’s army, the CIA has a long, sordid history of political assassinations, coups and color revolutions. Follow the money trail! It is the same money that Lysander Spooner was riling against in the 18th century: the Rothschilds and the 19th century addendum, the Rockefellers, and over time, a vast harem of front groups and societies. Spooner, along with folk like Andrew Jackson, saw the usurious leeches attempting their infiltrations into an already compromised government, and knew that if their foothold were to grow, the nation would fall into sure and certain peonage. The Protocols Of the Learned Elders Of Zion is a disputed document, plagiarized from Montesqieu but if there was a master blueprint, this would take the cake. Follow the money! It has captured all industry, finance, education, politics, science, media. Those who draw attention to the inordinate control are castigated and defamed. It is improper to mention these things; these are the things that must be whispered about as Woodrow Wilson so aptly wrote after he signed away the money creation to a cartel of international banks:

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

When the tripwire is set off, there may come a day when those who really oppose government abuse will be carted off under the name of “national security” or some other euphemistic decoy. The nominal patriot will gloat at those who thought his naivete foolish as they are disappeared, executed or genocided. But even his celebration may be short-lived because the spirit of Augusto Pinochet is relentless. After he has so willingly wasted his time defending and concocting mottos to vindicate the murderous rampagers, whether abroad or at home, he may deal with those guns being turned upon himself. All the rationalities that stem from that grandiose premise of the supremacy of his country and were nothing more than devilish justifications to pardon himself and his country of any liability in its evil are entirely true!(in a sense) Those justifications can equally be used against himself when he has no idea what protecting the country means or who the “country” is and does not realize that those “elected” officials who claim to represent the country have a wholly different definition of country. A country governed by commercial activity, negotiable instruments, trade, banking bonds and corporations. Follow the money!

But the nominal patriot will not see this, just as the nominal German did not understand how the Nazi religion had bastardized the idea of nationalism nor the Slavic Russian understood what the Bolsheviks had planned for the mass slaughter of its people. It may not be seen, not until the maniacal nationalism has reached such a fever pitch that far too many are swept away in an overflowing appetite that can only be quenched with more bloodbath. And even as the guns are drawn and the troops storm the public gates, some may still refuse to see it. “It still cannot be happening, not in our country, not in corporate America.” But while the nominal patriot was busy accusing everyone else of evading responsibility for refusing the game anymore, he himself was piping up slogans, accepting the treasonist’s gifts of monies, grants, loans and programs promising flourishing futures, while the treasonist’s worked behind the scenes to obstruct any possible abundance.
At what cost? How can we reason out the costs at the time when the benefits are now? We will lie to ourselves about the consequences or disregard those who must be robbed and murdered to uphold our so-called civilized society. We may not care at all, that in and of itself another embedded contradiction in a country that regularly harps on and on about its human rights records (one that has been thoroughly discredited by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch). It is very likely in the guise of preserving the corporation of the US, that we will stand aside while neighbors and friends are rounded up and carted off for refusing any number of things, vaccinations, gun confiscation, martial law, et al. Anything for the preservation of the State, anything to uphold the terms of the corporation, as our identity may not exist without it.
And it is this which provides us with a thin veil of legitimacy as our third-party intermediaries exploit the rest of the world, the idea being, “If we don’t oppress, kill, poison and maim, someone else will step in to fill the role. Why not monopoly the genocide and murder market before someone else does?”  
 “Pimp or Be Pimped” is their despicable, rapacious motto, even though it means little and stands for nothing. It is vacuous as the gray matter between the brains of those who say it, evidence that there must be thousands of synapses misfiring to come to such dastardly ends. And it’s not that it is despicable as it is, but what is far worse, is it pretends to be based on a realistic sketch of human behavior. But the so-called scientific rationalism and biological inherency is foolish as there is mathematically more people at any given time living “civil” than those stuffing rifles with gunpowder for war. It is a “logical” fallacy if we were to begin from their premise. Even appealing to the annals of historical wars is no indication that genocide and murder is justified or the dominating element in the human condition. The vast majority of people killed in wars are not even involved in the wars; they have not picked up arms, built forts or established bases; they hold no executive posts at Halliburton or Lockheed Martin.
Small cartels of people with agendas wholly cut from another cloth devise these things. It is vile and intellectually retardant to even suggest that the millions of people who have died in world wars are case studies for the propriety of war. These millions of deaths are the innocent bystanders, not the active participants. There must not be a enough real members in the war machine so the psychopaths must turn their attentions to innocent civilians to pacify their raging thirst for bloodshed, misusing the energies of young men, inculcating them with savage rights of ritual warfare, and sending them into the murderous fields of battle where they emerge psychologically disheveled and spiritually shattered. And at the end, the millions of dead are further “scientific” proof that people are not just naturally inclined for war, but it is their superior trait! If it signals anything, it shows how utterly naive and vulnerable the mind of humankind is, that it can so easily be turned to murder through state propaganda and false flag attacks. To say anything more is a less than cute cover for the very small percentage of verifiable psychopaths among us to co-sign their merciless slaughter.
It is no less nefarious than the myth of superior bloodlines or the Divine Right Of Kings granting regular smuts the cover to subjugate the rest of the world due to their alleged sacred DNA. And though the amoral rationalists castigate religion as unscientific, they build their stupidity on the same grounds as the Roman Church did for centuries- that they were the vicars of God and could use torture, terror, coercion and force to turn the world to salvation. Political “science” uses the same wretched twisting of sense, that through some alleged empiricism and absolutism they have deemed human nature incorrigbly warlike and it feeds into the Fight Clubs of political Babylon. Whether spreading Catholicism or so-called murderous, fiendish democracy, the object is still the same and the myths as equally repugnant.
I say it is a vile cowardness, one that I am all too familiar with, that allows a man to appeal to some lofty ideal or unprovabele myth to absolve himself and his Corporate State of the weight of his crimes. The problem is that it is an ideological cowardness that moves us away from the bloodshed of the battle and our apparent complicity and it is all the more perfidious because of it. An outright murderer is less to be feared than the ideological coward. An outright murderer kills and does not offer any justification for his actions. He may honestly say, “I just want to kill” and mean it. In my eyes, he should be held to higher regard than the coward who uses unproveable myths and slogans to justify his murders. And when called out for the complicity in supporting the murders of his Corporate State, ducks away into the flags of horseshit political theory and unsubstantiated sciences.  
The same leniency given to the outright murderer should go to the guy who tells the woman plainly, “I just want to fuck.” The brutal honesty, unacceptable in the age of political correctness, may be discomfiting but it will be a halt to pretentious wining and dining, only to be fucked and abandoned a month later. The ideology that governs wars is a dangerous one as it never admits it intentions, and its danger multiplies the critical mass of its evil when millions of others accept the official myths or their own created myths to justify genocide and murder. It is obvious to anyone who studies history that the agendas of a small group of people ignite wars. And like all things, follow the money!
The same elements funding the wars of centuries ago are still fomenting and funding the wars of today. Not only has their money conscripted many of the world’s political systems but their money has also conscripted the mediums that massage the public consciousness. War is not about human nature, it is not about science. It is about resources, negotiable instruments, bonds and bars of “precious” metals! It is about money! Follow the freaking money! It is not about defending, protecting or providing for anyone. The millions of useful idiots who hurriedly buy in to the official reasons for war only add a faux sense of legitimacy to a war that has no legitimacy from the start and will not have any legitimacy no matter how many pretty speeches or petty spokespersons sing of its glories.
There are far too many so-called rational thinkers who subscribe to this “Pimp Or Be Pimped” foolishness knowing that they themselves don’t have the competence to pimp anyone or anything. They like to whitewash evils on a mass scale with political slogan and so-called scientific rationalism but don’t adopt them on an individual scale. Why not? They would be trembling cowards if we were to apply that ideology to everyday living, if we were to adopt the “Pimp Or Be Pimped” platform and all of its barbaric injustices. War, imperialism, colonialism, etc, stripped to what it really is, is mass murder. If it is acceptable on that scale, why not make it acceptable in our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and between states?
Where we had no right to go into our neighbor’s home to dispossess them of their property before, let us go into our neighbor’s home freely robbing them of all valuables and setting flame to their homes on the way out, less they do it to us first, you know, pre-emptive strikes! Where we had no right to kill unwittingly before, let us stroll through the streets shooting passerbys down with impunity. And if there are some appalled bystanders, just say, “hey, it’s Pimp Or Be Pimped.” If that is really how it is and that is acceptable, why not adopt it for yourself, you high and mighty scientific realist? Why outsource it to third parties to assuage your shame? What shame? Oh, you know the shame. That you are a coward if you subscribe to the ideology of “Pimp Or Be Pimped” and if you can’t even apply it on an individual scale, you are a double coward.
“Pimp Or Be Pimped” only applies when others are doing the pimping for us, such as our political scapegoats. If it were widely adopted, and not under the cover of horseshit slogan, we would be sick of it within days. Matter of fact, most of those who hide behind the political syllogisms would abscond out of fear because they don’t have a heart for “Pimp Or Be Pimped”, it’s not in their nature, and they would be devoured alive if it suddenly become fair game to pimp each other out. They would hear “Bitch, better have my money!” all day long and get smacked from here to Timbukto.
In effect, we’ve already been pimped out. We claim to have a voluntary system of government but our choice is overwritten at birth. We are registered agents of the State before we develop the ability to say “No!” It’s not enough that we are pledged to the State without our consent, but that conscription continues unabated as a disproportionate number of us are herded to government schools and there download the official mantras, mottos and cliches of Statism or should we say a a more user-friendly form of the concept of “eternal allegiance” that was a part of that whole Dark Ages period. Did your Civics class introduce you to Thomas Paine, John Stuart Mill, Lysander Spooner or Fredrich Bastiat? Probably not. Rather, you probably heard about the bravery of the founding fathers who were such staunch supporters of liberty they devised an entire Constitution sans the Bill of Rights; and in only a few years of divorcing themselves from British enscrewment, passed the Alien & Seditions Act of 1798 to stifle dissent, riot and controversy. Oh, those “democratic principles” were working so well then and work no better now.


It is a collectively agreed upon slow process of annihilation. Millons of individual Terry Schiavos, barely hanging onto the cosmic spark with no apparent say so in the matter. Years of trauma, grueling alienation and castigation from adminstrators so insecure in themselves they must psychologically torture the minds of the young until the ideas of individual liberty and personal expresssion only find a simulcra of release through the filter of the State and the flag of country.

I can see the scenes in the movie Breakfast Club of Principal Vernon and his scathing rebukes of the outcast Jonathan Bender: “You think he’s funny? You think this is cute? You think he’s “bitchin,” is that it? Let me tell you something. Look at him – he’s a bum. You want to see something funny? You go visit John Bender in five years. You’ll see how goddamned funny he is.” Oh no, not all of us got that pimp hand treatment but whether hidden or outright reproof the minds of far too many have been defragged and regimented by shuffling them into the uniform syllabus. As Dmitri Orlov writes at his blog: “And so, in the meantime, let’s continue to mindlessly send our children off to “learning” institutions, where they will be properly supervised at all times, bored half to death, medicated into submission should they rebel, even by simply refusing to pay attention, not taught anything worth knowing by demoralized, underpaid public servants, and then spat out into the world with their spirits crushed.” They exit in no better state of mind than the emotionally decrepit prostitute who only knows submit or be submitted. Patriotic schooling covered up in the same slogans and myths that were sublimated as not to recognize that we were really being injected with poisons and brain-numbing adjuvants to nullify the effects. Especially History class where every American war was a great war and the seeds of Statism were implanted only to grow later into the motto “Pimp Or Be Pimped”; a safe umbrella for the ideological coward, hell for the rest of the world.

4 Responses to “Pimp Or Be Pimped”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Your lengthy blog entry deserves more than my skim-read & short praise, but BRAVO! If only everyone in “America” thought like you. I love the quote from Dmitri Orlov, very poignant.

  2. questioneveryprecept Says:


    Thanks for dropping in. I can assure you that I don’t want everyone in “America” to think like me though I always encourage (and have to remind myself) to break the regimented, militaristic thinking that has been pre-planned for us all under far too many guises and smokescreens. Stop through anytime. I gather enough strength and poise every once in a while to lift my head above the Wasteland and catch an insight or none.

    • Marcus Says:

      Ahh, of course you are right. I should have qualified it a little more – If only everyone in “America” thought like you – different! Keep on keeping your head up above the wasteland & sharing your freethinking. Thank you.

  3. Publius Says:

    Amazing essay.
    I found you a while ago, but just came back because you’d left a comment on one of my blogs.
    Thanks for the comment on health care and C.H. Smith.
    Let’s correspond sometime soon… you have my email.

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