The Fog Of Psychogenic Fugue

 The Fog Of Psychogenic Fugue
There are some that believe the earth underwent a catastrophic event 12,000 to 13,000 years ago. There is not much written evidence to support this claim–although there are a few lines and writings in ancient text that allude to a devastating event that altered the scale of human life on the earth. The Mahabharata and the Book Of Enoch mention some harrowing tales. Some revisionist historians, scientists and archeologists have deduced that some earth-shattering event took place, some type of deluge or atomic detonation. Whatever it was left an indelible imprint on the human consciousness, a memory card of trauma inserted into our very DNA. Since then, humanity has been committed to a chaotic asylum of perpetual war, death and disease. Gaia’s psyche twisted into some madhouse realm of 20th century horror films narrated by Edgar Allan Poe and the score composed by Marilyn Manson.
Paul Shepard in A Kind of Madness: “The change to a more hostile stance toward nature began between five and ten thousand years ago and became more destructive and less accountable with the progress of civilization.”

Erich Fromm in Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness: “The detailed description of the life of primitive hunters and food gatherers has shown that man – at least since he fully emerged fifty-thousand years ago – was most likely not the brutal, destructive, cruel being and hence not the prototype of “man the killer” that we find in more-developed stages of his evolution.”

Widespread trauma disintegrates the neural circuitry. Synapses don’t fire like they usually do, there are glitches in the brainwave activity. The storm of trauma leaves a thick fog hovering in the canal of logistical thought and acute perception. Tyrannists and would-be dictators of all kinds are aware of the “brain-freeze” that takes place when whole swarms of people are inflicted by trauma. The debate is never-ending on whether they stage crisises, but there is no doubt that they exploit them. 9/11 induced this psychic defragmentation in people although not everyone was directly affected. Not everyone has to be, just being close to an event that affects the emotional and mental stability of millions will have some secondary effect on us—the sorcery of Roche Limit—the “shock and awe” of observing two temples of world commerce collapse into their own footprint, even through the TV medium, was unbearable for a nation comfortable in its hegemonic power grip. Viewing this event was like spilling gasoline trails throughout the mind. The resulting fear and anxiety are nothing more than the match igniting flames through the spiderweb of axons and neurons.
The psyche is shattered, and like Humpty Dumpty, there is no piecing it back together again. The flames rage leaving nothing but a hollow shell or a sketetal frame of what used to be some architecture of sense and belief. The former identity is shaken from its heights and the ego is quickly activated to protect the weakened mind. Ego is not real. Ego is illusion, figment and chimera. We only talk about it conceptually, as a sort of map that can never represent the actual living, breathing, moving people and operation of a city or country. As Nisargadatta Maharaj says “If you notice, you only have a self when you’re in trouble.” And it comes leaping in to fill the vacuum in moments of extreme shock, focused only on biosurvival and preserving what is left of the now traumatized psyche. Reduced to infancy, a sort of tabula rasa, a new script is written in the mind. Abandoned by the old sense of security, the old privilege, we fetishize the nearest “mothering” object. “I” and “mine” and “us” and “them” become the chosen identifications to stake our plot of land or protect some mutable thing that we can never completely possess or conquer.
I’ve noticed that there are many people who feel this way, reduced, infantilized, helpless, powerless, incapable in the face of such overwhelming political abandonment and calamity—and many are afraid to talk about it. Maybe it forces us to consider ourselves much more than the superficial way we’ve been accustomed to. Current trauma has led us to turn those powerful people on the chatterbox into motherly and fatherly icons to caress us after the old security has been ripped from beneath us. Economic woe, ecological disaster, devastating war and rumors of wars. This is our heritage derived from past catastrophe. Whatever the “big” event was, we continue to be paralyzed by subsequent live-action historical events but still accept the underlying syntax that allow this trauma to replicate. I can feel the groaning of the earth as it is polluted by war, corruption and lies. The earth, where we excavate the materials for most of our technologies, is being injected with virus after virus and yet we actively and/or passively live out the belief that we were appointed rulers to subdue the earth and lasso nature like some yankee horse ranchmen. And remain complacent that those powerful people, who we’ve turned into mother/father objects, who are just as ruined by the trauma, will take charge and “heal the world.”

It might derive from that memory encoded in our DNA, of the tumultuous and often unpredictable shake ups of nature, that force us into obsessions of controlling elemental nature. HAARP, the weather manipulation branch of government, has learned ways to manipulate atmospheric frequencies and create holographic films in the sky for some years now. And of course we know the sad legacy of our megalith corporations and their mafia treatment of the earth and relatively defenseless “third-world” countries. Could this be some embedded vendetta against nature because of the past deluge? And who is it that has got us calling other parts of humanity “third-world” anyway as if the earth is split into three worlds and divided by some galactic space? We can figure out where this meme comes from and what it is meant to accomplish. Another labeling scheme to divest our hearts from the “others” who are being exploited, poisoned, polluted, murdered and debt-enslaved so that we in the so-called “first-world” can maintain our amusement parks, have our MP3 players and poorly built automobiles. While the ironic thing is that: “we can’t hold others down without staying down with them” and so the whole earth perishes.

While it is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day that we are entering unprecedented upheaval and transformation, the public opinion leaders are coaxing us, reassuring us and promising that if we wait out the storm, rainbows and pots of gold will be waiting on the otherside. I know that not everyong is buying that story–and a bit ticked at the folk who think we are silly for suggesting that there are multiple threads to the saga. I’ve met far too many people whose knowledge, breath and depth have impressed me and called into question some of my own silly red herring chasing and what it really means to hold a belief or truth in action, and not just in lip service or in resentment. Not just ranting and raving in the bullhorn of cyberspace or debating endlessly about facts and figures, or begrudging others for who I perceive to be stupidly accepting the carefully packaged seven-course propaganda meal of Restaurante de Media. The official line has and continues to be that all’s well and it will end well, get back to business as usual, Hollywood Jeopardy and political stargazing; a little off trail zigzag, a little bump and voila, “on the road again.”
The underbelly is a bit different. Foreign troops are conducting military exercises with American troops on American soil. Police agencies are being armed to the teeth with military-grade weapons and “crowd-control” devices. Banks are still failing weekly, unemployment rolls continue to decrease. There is every indication that hyperinflation is on the way; that on top of a feckless dollar reverting back to its actual worth: zero. Rumors of food shortages and the banking system only having a few more months left, maybe early fall. The US economic system has been effectively insolvent and is now controlled by foreign governments and international bankers. Yet, decaying pop culture icons are being rolled up and down the runway. Story after story seems a deflection away from what is really brewing beneath the surface. I don’t say this to alarm anyone– I know many have come to find some peace with what is to come. It is certainly hard to contain my anger when millions of unemployed and homeless are ignored and told by Congresscritters that they should get jobs at McDonald’s because the franchise will feed them on their lunchbreak. Not to mention with beef derived from disease-infested cattle farms, other cardboad deluctables and high fructose syrupy shakes and such.
Others refuse to see the signs, omens, warnings—they’ve found a peace in supporting a belief that is crumbling before our eyes. We are the new Rome with many more technologies and protections. Disintegration is impossible. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it won’t fall in a day either. Increments and stages. Frauds and deceptions. And we are here. Nursing our clinically ill chronocentrism even though it would rather pass peacefully into the dimension of futility. Our political pundits and state-financed historians rock and disparage the Soviets but we’ve inherited their inviolate stubborness. One day soon we may lie down to sleep and upon waking find a union dissolved into various regions, foreclosed by foreign creditors and international bankers. I am not predicting that it will happen. I am simply not dismissive of the possibility of its occurring—-many refuse to believe that it is possible. That is the problem with belief and that includes mine also. We swear an oath to a belief and began to concieve that it is indestructable. Facts arise that weaken the belief and we still cling to it. The clash of big money and cultural dynamics shift, trends boil all at once, and it’s still, “no, no, not us, not America.” The heat of real-time events come along and melt that ice cap away and millions of seals slip as they try to hold on to the disintegrating, dwindling mass.
The concept is to consider that there is a possibility that events will not turn out the way we expect them to. Military and nuclear power did not keep the Soviet block together. Just because we have all of our investments in an America rising from dust and ashes doesn’t legitimate its actual unfolding. We may well be in for a far worse ride; and watching the bobble of the stock numbers does not tell us anything. This is not a doomsday premonition—this is a fair interpretation of cross-sectional trends and dilemmas. And if that is the case than certain elements have every reason to keep you and me uncanny to this happening. They may not tell us that the steel girders have been removed from the building as not to induce the ultimate panic. There may be nothing of substance holding things up anymore, a worthless currency, a rotting, divided, political, education and healthcare system and a country who no longer owns its infrastructure. All of it has been put up for sale and collateral for the massive debts and remortgaged to prop up an unsustainable economic model. This you must see—because this is a reality that can’t be explained away in a financial column in the New York Times or the Washington Post. If you refuse to see it, sleep softly on your feathered pillows with dreams of sugar plums and sweet nothings. I don’t have to convince you. You will see it soon enough. And we will all be changed “in the twinkling of an eye.” We will all be awakened to what has really taken place right beneath our eyes as we went to school, worked, voted, attended peace gatherings and political rallies, or did nothing at all.
But if you do see it, or even perceive that things may not be as they appear, and there is a growing community of folks that do—than I welcome you–it is a difficult reality to accept. There are those pulling their money out of the banks, preparing, storing, growing their own food, getting away from the pulse of the city which would be hit the hardest in total meltdow. Not all of us have the convenience of picking up and moving to safe locations or building arks to weather the next deluge. But we do have an awakening sector of people who have plans of encouragement, ideas for preparing in whatever way you can, and supple words of edification, renewal and transformation. This is not an Armageddon lecture though some might see it as such. But we have to honestly identify the problem before we can act on it. All of these symptoms and flare ups are not the problem.

The problem is deeper, subtle and carries on buried in the collective subconscious; and that is the problem that humanity is a wounded people. Percival, in the Grail legend, had to get to the point of asking the question of the wounded Amfortas: “Uncle, what ails thee?” What is troubling humanity? Why is it so sick? Who or what has induced this sickness? It is easy to point to the politicians, the vulturous corporations and the usurious bankers. I have done much finger-pointing and guilt absolution in whipping my tongue in criticism. But they are not the cause. They are a part of the sickness. They are under the spell of traumatic forgetfulness like the rest of us. I could say that their sickness could be considered much more terminal as those who represent these systems rarely admit their faults and continue unashamedly into errors that cost millions of lives, that their psychopathy doesn’t allow them to search themselves and they have completely eradicated all remnants of humanity from their beings. But the truth is much more difficult to digest and that is as the poet Terence said, “nothing human is foreign to me.”

This program is all apart of the trauma that has twisted human experience into a confusing prism. The actions and behaviors exhibited are merely manifestations that are a result of a distorted image of humanity. Wilhelm Reich called it the “emotional plague”, that degenerative state has found us in nonstop wars and internecine battles, destroying ourselves and the earth. All of us in the 3D realm of existence are bound by this plague and hold the capacity to be “Christ-murderers.” Not murderers of messiahs and saviors; but murderers of the beautiful sensibility, hackers of the dreaming tree, shredders of the original divine fascimile. We have all been affected by the continuing trauma, catastrophe and crisis. It is not an environment that any of us of our own freewill would choose but this is where we find ourselves. And if we refuse to be honest about the real conditions of the world and what is responsible and the only desire is to quickly get back to a false sense of security and stability, we will only be here again in a short amount of time–and in all likelihood we may not be here at all, as this sickness will eventually lead us to completely demolish one another. I truly believe that because what I have witnessed in the greater mood of things is a large amount of people who want to retain the “belief set” that is continuing to reenact this calamity. The sickness can remain as long as some semblance of order is returned. Many friends who are only concerned about America remaining the supreme ruler of the world; peace and cooperation is ancillary and sometimes inimical to that desire. “We must secure America’s top dog spot no matter how many people have to be killed or defrauded for that to happen.”

No, they don’t come out and say this. But they don’t have to. And yes, I am filling in the blanks of what I perceive to be an unstated support of genocide and murder. Anyone of the belief that America must retain its top dog status is latently implying that the killing must go on. The killing of all sentient beings to feed our voracious appetites as we consume more than anyone else in the world and to fill our homes with decorations, appliances and technologies dependent on the resources of insignificant others. One friend says “well, it’s not our fault they don’t take advantage of their own resources or have the ability to do so.” Well, that line of thinking would give me the right to walk into any of my neighbor’s homes and deprive them of property and materials that they have not put to use. And few us believe we have that right on an individual level and would still not have that right even if half the neighborhood created an association and decided it was okay to deprive one of our neighbors. We refuse to see the crimes our country must commit to keep this global chess game in our favor. Crimes that, if there is universal readjustment, must be condemned. I don’t know that there is karmic law; I just heard that the general, Robert McNamara, who managed the genocide of 6 million Vietnamese, passed away peacefully in his sleep. The sobering truth is there is no human law that will right justice; the unacceptable fact is that we are all a “law unto ourselves.” The reckoning may not come from some global judicial tribunal—but it must be reckoned within ourselves.

A line of demarcation will be drawn between those who wish to keep alive the Darwinian ideas of territorial aggression of murder and mayhem and the accompanying Patriarchal program of oppression and slavery (of all kinds; not simply bodily but political, religious, economic, sexual, etc). On the otherside will be those who see this thing for what it is and are tired of accepting dollars soaked with blood and resources stolen from defenseless, anonymous others and living under the rubric of a political system designed with the purpose of using its citizens as a perpetual source of income to underwrite these atrocities. Those on the otherside of the border, and those in Indochina, the Middle East, Africa and South America are not separate from us no matter how many degrees, dollars and debutantes we try to stack between us and them. They are under the same spell as we are and in so many ways that are self-explanatory have gotten the worst part of the disease.

This is not about political gladiators and whose country will govern the world. This is about the healing of humanity and there is not much more that I can add to it than that. That is it. It is us. And the “us” does not include just we people with paper degrees, Wall St. jobs, luxury cars, laptops and video games. The “us” does not include you because you are liberal and your man is in the White House. The “us” does not just include you because you are “conservative” and only you can lead us back to the palace of constitutions and declarations. Those are your adopted ideologies which turn into your habituated operating systems. They play on the same schemes of forced imposition, power and coercion that are a part of the sickness and must be considered for what they really are and what they ultimately promote. They are inimical, not to “progress”, but to any kind of understanding, compassion or grace for those outside of ourselves. Praising these “belief sets” and putting them up as supreme among the infinite amount of thought, creativity and spiritual conductivity in humanity only supports the larger ones that are running roughshoud over the world, and sustaining the “Wasteland” of Grail mythology. As Tactitus observes: “they created a wasteland and called it peace.”

But….really….I fear so many folks have been duped by this agenda of divide and conquer that there is not much that can be done to change it. Call that a concession of hope—but I will admit my doubts about humanity’s ability while still believing that we are ripe for mass-scale transformation. It seems that securing our own plots is much more important than the dozen that have just died at a family wedding in Nangarhar or the group of children playing hopskotch in a Pakistani village just mutilated by drone attacks. Having access to 24/7 fast-food joints means much more to us than the serial and unnatural way that mound of beef is manufactured. We may know, at the deeper parts of ourselves, the parts we sometimes refuse to acknowledge or give any say-so, that something is not right, something is terribly whack in this schemata.

I believe that there is a speck of humanity left within us that won’t let us be deluded—-but that “protective” ego that comes into play tells us that it is all about securing our own piece but won’t tell us that in carrying out that agenda we become complicit in the larger egoist ambition that our country operates on—that we must secure our own piece, and deprive others of their piece to secure it. It is not easy to admit that we have no desire for real freedom, that instead we are the enemy. We who see the sickness and justify it because the assembly lines are still running and the government checks are still coming in. As I said, there may be no karmic court that will do us in, but we must face ourselves and that, in my opinion, is the worst judgment, even worse than the myth of a tryannical god sentencing us all to eternal hell. We can lie to gods and people but we cannot lie to ourselves. Of course we try, we fill our minds with every obstruction and defense of the “belief set” but it doesn’t work. The tyrannical sickness persists, depressions set in, addictions, neuroticisms, phobias galore. We may attempt to alleviate the torment by voting away our responsibility to others to rant and rave about how screwed up and cruel they are. “But it is never due to our inaction. It never could be.” I lay this criticism at my own feet too. I have done this. I am not absolved of complicity.

Attempting to outsource the responsibility to others makes for a reassuring personal script, at least temporarily. But it doesn’t in the long run. The imbalance of one number on the account log affects all subsequent charges. We must face that we are all sick and complicit in the continued sickness when we recognize it but turn our eyes away or support the very institutions and “belief sets” that allow for the sickness and the ultimate lie’s propagation. If we don’t and stand around passively, we will watch, just like the unquestioning Germans, as the country we call home is divided and auctioned off to the highest bidder. We can embrace the reality now or be forced to embrace it later when it will become much more uncomfortable to do so. And those questions that we might be refusing to give attention to, that seedling of doubt rearing up is a guardian from the innate part of our beings. It is here to assist. They are not lingering there to drive you to some Nietszche-esche madness. They are here to warn us that we have lost our curious and imaginative sensibility. It is a defensive mechanism inherent in all of us, an inner GPS device to alert us that we have migrated away from ourselves and we must return to the center. And that center is everywhere. It has no circumference. Wherever we are, under what ever insufferable conditions, the center is there.

Whatever trauma was brought upon humanity centuries ago I cannot say. I do know that in my lifetime humanity has been consistently traumatized with the global syllabus of a few-power-hungry men. It has been a methodical and careful plan of diversion, subversion, dissensitization, disinformation, miseducation often held up by military aggression, brutality and violence. Those of us who accept it as a “necessary evil” are every bit an accessory to the millions that have perished because of the myth. Children are always used as a tool by powermongers to grow more power so I hesitate to use them as an example—but in your own case, if your child was being abused and mistreated by an association, I would hope that you would not continue to support its abuses by financing or voting for it which are forms of passive consent; but it doesn’t just apply to the weakest among us–it applies to all of us.  Our actions can no longer be based on what is our “lawful” contribution, but instead on what is right. Because what is right does not always reconcile with what someone else has decided is lawful. We are all aware of pervasive, intrusive, right-violating laws but do nothing but sustain them when we comply. The prospect of persecution, imprisonment, unemployment, the sheen of an automatic weapon or the loss of “privileges” should not be the impetus for our actions in these times. These times are not calling for that—this zeitgeist is demanding your full attention and participation, not to uphold the existing pillars of patriarchy and military imperialism; but rather the cognition, absent of dissonance and dopplegangers, of who we are.

The “system” in place has scratched the dossier of our past and handed us a number to represent us in its place. The “system” is not the US government, the Bildergbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Club Of Rome, the Committee of 300, The Vatican, CIA, Mossad or any of the hundreds of multi-faceted front groups vying for power and control. These are all mere vehicles to dispense the inimical “belief sets” that we have willingly adopted, some because we are ignorant, some because we didn’t know any better, some because we benefit from it and many of us because we are in agreement with the “belief set” because our education has stuffed our minds with false history. It has disseminated destructive memes and inculcated belief systems that support the subterfuge in its Archonic and demonic agenda. It comes from a long line of previous power blocks and empires that have destroyed and suppressed documents alluding to our true heritage, individual power and creative co-participation in the processes that regulate the earth and the universe. The sickness, the emotional plague, the archonic anomaly, the trauma has humanity in the vicegrip of psychogenic amnesia.

Wikipedia describes the symptoms of psychogenic fugue as:

“Dissociative fugue usually involves unplanned travel or wandering, and is sometimes accompanied by the establishment of a new identity….Fugues are usually precipitated by a stressful episode, and upon recovery there may be amnesia for the original stressor (Dissociative Amnesia).

This is where humanity has been, a deep sleep in the poppy fields, the super spell of Klingsor’s Wasteland. But the reassuring thing in all of this is that the fog is lifting, the veil is being raised; this is the true meaning of Apocalypse, the revelation of “that which already is.” There is mutiny in the ranks. The operation has hit a snag, millions of snags as the vertigo digresses and that quaint voice in the universal sphere says “return to me, ye children of men.” The telegenic spokesman is losing his power to dazzle. Truth is creeping up through the cracks. Brzezenski is complaining about a “global political awakening” that is obstructing the power-mongers age-old plans. CEO’s of large news corps are calling for the imprisonment of bloggers and citizen journalists. Why? Anyone who points to the holes in the agenda, or calls attention to the actual virus and not just its symptoms, are being threatened and the power structure is resorting to courts and military might to force adherence to dogma.

There is much they cannot contain, because it is not an “idea” whose time has come, but rather a process, a universal program that will not be put off by the petty fear tactics and manipulations of these sick people who choose to remain sick. The influx of scandal and the multiple, culminating problems may seem difficult to bear, but they contain within them an inverse blessing, a two-way mirror in which we see from both sides and understand the whole, and not just the part. Attached to us knowing the full spectrum is the awakening of who we are. We have forgotten that and have been wandering in this labryinth of disinfo while identifying with caricatures of who we are. The unveiling is the true death, the death of the lie, the smoke and mirrors, that have hidden us from our own true selves. The lie that we are powerless, eternally damaged, the lie that we must submit to widespread evil to live in peace. The universe has been sculpting the statue of David in the cover of darkness; the fog lifts and you will know, you will know.

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