The Uniformity League

Evaporating Culture

There is no requisite skill set for the community outside of the walls of culture. We can poke our head over the wall of separation from faux life and real experience and we’re already equipped with the language to understand the infinite spectrum. It’s not because there is some prefabricated jargon but rather that the language is revitalized when we come out of it, “it” being the sensory deprivation realm, and come into a territory where we rediscover our forgotten faculties.
We can get down to formulating our own content and finding a new originality in parts of us that felt bland and banal before. We’re like that old man finding a youthful swagger. It feels as if we’ve known this thing all along, that it had always been apart of ourselves but we locked it away in some appliance box and let it collect dust in the attic. We couldn’t do that with engineering and astrophysics. We couldn’t have a “lightbulb” experience and immediately hit the road to sound off about structural building collapse or nanoparticles. But we can with the felt presence of direct experience find the individual religion.

We become gurus to ourselves outside the walls, away from dependencies, addictions and fetishes. The answers that we were hoping to accidentally cross paths with in the agencies are freely expressed outside the walls. They are not delineated to us by some approved authority, licensed and certified psychobot, or official looking bureacrats. There are no hierarchies outside the walls. Titles of nobility and egoist infractions are dissolved into the real universal melting pot. The divisions within that are used to instigate our biting, barking, and bickering with another, that keep us ever at the whim of divide and conquer schemes become cartoonish vaudeville shows that we can see for their authentic triviality and laugh about. We see that society is nothing but a collectivized consensus to damn us into littleness:

The most thoroughly and relentlessly Damned, banned, excluded, condemned, forbidden, ostracized, ignored, suppressed, repressed, robbed, brutalized and defamed of all Damned Things is the individual human being. The social engineers, statistician, psychologist, sociologists, market researchers, landlords, bureaucrats, captains of industry, bankers, governors, commissars, kings and presidents are perpetually forcing this Damned Thing into carefully prepared blueprints and perpetually irritated that the Damned Thing will not fit into the slot assigned it. The theologians call it a sinner and try to reform it. The governor calls it a criminal and tries to punish it. the psychologist calls it a neurotic and tries to cure it. Still, the Damned Thing will not fit into their slots.”– Robert Anton Wilson

It may be owed to some exceptionally resilient recessive trait that has sustained the biophotonic spark in our cellular matter. It appears that this undergirding element is the only thing that has allowed many of us to endure life in the synthetic studio set called America; the belle of great fame, most sought after by all the poor and down-trodden of the world or so we are led to believe. It is even possible to propose an artful defense of all the inartful things that expend the common American’s attention? I wish that it wasn’t but America’s slickest advertising gimmicks can make bovine excrement sound deluctable.

And it is due to that non-stop festival of American jingoism that many have adopted a willful ignorance, a selective distortion to retain our superiority. We can remain king of the hill but are the very ones peddling the very value systems that have been a drag on the rest of the world’s self-actualization. Do a little digging around the world and it’s no surprise that America should feel it has some sort of supremacy. It’s not enough that all America exports anymore is its basest values, but it has also exploited the rest of the world for financial gain, and dropped bombs, waste, nuclear matter, radiation and depleted uranium. After all of this, the misleaders have the puffed audacity to tell its subjects they need more tax dollars to go play Battleship Galactica with the world.

One of the beefs that I have with America is this whole idea that there’s a code to follow in order to find your place in the sun. So in order to get to this place in the sun, before you even know whether or not you want the kind of sun their adverstising, you’re herded into these little blips and spaces on a pre-sketched map and it really is like a cartographed map because the set doesn’t move but rarely. It has a Euclidean progression that we’re all supposed to follow along. Try throwing an aeloian cadence in the structured harmony and see how quickly the attack dogs are put out to restore order.

If you have “in the know” contacts you may bypass some of the coordinates but a disproportionate don’t have that privilege. And if we’re paying attention, the ones that do have that privilege can teach us a lesson, more of a warning really. By the time they make it to a much more prized coordinate the propaganda of success begans to look a lot less appealing to some of the rest of us. Folks are progressing up the social ladder, getting their paper slips and plaques, becoming “thousandaires”, and we notice that they are losing something vital in the process. If they are not losing it outright, they are forced to put it down in order to participate and get along.

What is it? Soul, spirit, spark, morality, humanness, energy, love, self-realization. Was it Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, based on biological necessity that was supposed to lead us there? It’s apparent that mass production of food and other needs has been no benefit to culture. Folks are more screwed up than they’ve ever been. We have too many attorneys and too many laws to understand living. There are too many psychologists, just as psychically split as their “clients,” trying to instill the religion for whatever is the current clinical model.

The symbol has replaced the substance and we are content with that. It is the brand that governs our ideologies, the cliches and colloquialisms that we repeat to one another that provide us a bit of security. A lesson can be found in that which was supposed to provide a uniform leisure has enslaved us and the only thing that has become homogenous is neuroticism. Aren’t we ever tired of being sadists to ourselves to prove the value of our existence through toys and trinkets?

Even with all of its casualties, the system, the establisment, whatever flimflam name we give it, is not without its apologists. They get a bit jumpy when there’s talk about “herding” and such even when they themselves are moving right along the grooved coordinates. “How dare you call me livestock? I’m doing what I want to do! I’m living out my dream!” This is said, quite astonishly, as they move from one fenced-in enclosure to another, the approved grazing areas.

And not to disbar the dream but the question to consider is would you want to be a journalist? an engineer? a lawyer? a stockbroker? if it hadn’t already been included in the bag of pre-picked options? For those who think they are creating their own reality while picking suits and dresses that are already in the closet there’s no harm in reflecting on that a bit. It takes no true creavity or ingenuity to choose from outfits that are already there for our persusal. If we look around we’ll see that there are already a million other mannequins all vying for the same hat and scarf.

It’s not a matter of criticism, it’s a clarion call for our very awareness, to reflect moreso on ourselves than on the state of things. The Aristoliean rationalist and the Newtonian mechanic will be hit with a sharp curve. A place of no codes, no absolutism and complete anarchy. The unsustainable structures of our society are forcing us to rework this whole cultural schema. We don’t have the ability to revert back to the old state of things. We don’t have the holding capacity or the ecological advantage.

We can’t afford to put all of our hopes in the promise that centralization of all vital necessities is best in the hands of the demonic Leviathan that is responsible for bringing us to the brink. Anyone who puts their hope in the most vile among us to lead us back to economic and social harmony is fooling themselves. There was no harmony to begin with. Mankind has bullied and bulldozed the world. It has not sought to find a balance and cooperate with the universe; it has been bloodlustful for dominance. It takes just a bit of Sophia to understand that the next illusion of harmony will find innocent folks sucked right back in to an unsustainable model and fleeced once more.

Through our self-empowerment the structures that have arrayed themselves as enemy of humankind and truth will be disempowered. There may be a balkanization of the renewing vital energy as we began to understand the song of our ancestors who found relevance in the greater world, not as a place to enslave, but as a vehicle for purer understanding, higher vibrancy. No longer will the structures of control be granted our uncontracted consent. No longer do we throw empty votes into a ballot box. No longer do we demand or grant authority to the least among us to do our bidding.

We are our own authorities. The false authorities have misrepresented us from jump street and for a little bit of security we should not be intent on preserving the charade. Propping up the dying institutions will lead to our disaster, not our liberty. The dark content of our culture is foaming on the surface, the waves are lapping up on top of one another. We are being forewarned that the big one is coming in. But the beach chairs are cushy, few fireworks in the distance, a juggling clown, a rock band playing old covers, a nice cold 6-pack and our attention is shot.

The hints are being dropped in for our personal reconnaissance. The MSM is telling us a piece of the prophecy by ommision. A few artists and musicians have articulated it in brushstrokes and soundscapes. The conspiracy theorist and the revisionist historian have filled in some of the spaces left blank by the artful dodgers. But we shout them down, write them off as deluded, paranoic and schizophrenic.

If so, if they are crazy, it is no embarrassing thing. R.D. Lang once wrote that “insanity is a perfectly natural adjustment to an unnatural and negative environment” and his words are prescient for our times. Insanity is not the end but rather a nexus, a synaptic firing pointing us to something more. The official lines and the accepted truths are losing their prominence. Because of it, the dastardly villians vying for world control are using all types of media, legislative and authoritative tactics to divert attention from the awakening, from the revelation. Our world is too information rich and they are losing their grip on the false code they have established. It will fall to pieces and shatter. Those closest to the center of it will feel the worst of its effects. The useful idiots who think that nice-sounding words should be praised more than good deeds will come face to face with their stupidity and know true freedom.


The Delphi Hoax

The Delphi technique is used to bring incoherent ideas to a general group consensus. It’s a significant strategy to be aware of us as we go from here on out. A forum, panel or meeting is given the gloss of democratic dialogue but this is only a sham. Invididuals are encouraged to air their views but those that don’t fit into the grander scale of things are distorted in a clever way to bring them into agreement with the group consensus.

The solution, we discover, has already been predetermined. Experienced facillators use group dynamic tactics to play individuals against one another to make certain ideas seem unpopular. At the end of the session, after slick herding to the predetermined ideas, it is hoped that the most adamant defecters will accomodate what is thought as the emerging group personality and scrap their own views to preserve group unity.

The MSM because of its ubiquitous role in American homes use this technique effectively. It has been apparent when there is a narrow web of support for war. A bit of inquisitive research will show time and again that wars have been in the interest of a small invested group of persons and in the disinterests of the public at large. The MSM can successfully move a good portion of the population into support of the war by 24/7 demonization of the suggested threat(s).

The dissenting voices are staged as being the minority view and caricatured by evasive talking pundits. A thoughtful pacifist is made to look like a bumbling idiot through repeated interruptions, fear conjuring and biased scene selection. The outcome is that many Americans because of the onslaught of supportive programming are led to believe that the majority of the population are in favor of immediate action. Instead of disrupting the harmony of what appears to be the group consensus they fold to it. Charles Lindbergh, after giving one of the most empassioned anti-war speeches in 1941 quickly turned in favor of the US entering World War II after the Pearl Harbor incident.

It is because the Delphi technique can work in a slow, methodical fashion so as not rise any suspicion or it can be instantaneous that it is so effective. The trauma of disaster is a conducive environment for Delphi facillators to implement their agendas. The built-up defenses and rigid moral armor one might have with an unpopular program are unfrozen by a sudden, radiating and traumatic experience. During the period of disorienting shock an individual’s personal “code” is broken, vulnerable and under seige.

With the weakening chips in the armor the code is reworked to favor what might have been opposed to before. The traumatized person is not aware of what is taking place as the ability to think critically is suspended in a period of shock. They do not resist suggestions coming from outside their frame of reference; they are willing to be led to any place that alleviates the extremity of the perceived threat. Once the traumatizing experience begins to give way to some semblance of equilibrium, the “new mind” is reinforced through encouragement, support, reward or social acceptance. It is further cemented through contempt, ridicule or rejection if one deviates from the syllabus of the “new mind.”

The technique is pervasive and taking place all around us. A familiar example is the case of 9/11. A society in relative symbiosis, with the normal strain of corruption and crime, is never gung-ho for war. War is not an activity that is on our daily periphery. Most of us naturally are morally opposed to war. The state of the American collective psyche before 9/11 was not rabidly war mad. A decent part of us had never heard the name Al Qaeda or Taliban. But all it took was a couple of buildings collapsing and the moral hazard that is war became not only inevitable but reached a religious cacaphony.

Sensibility was crushed, wisdom was choked and careful, thoughtful deliberation was not an option. We were mixed up and under vertigo. The facillators immediately went to work filling us with the “new mind”: Muslim hi-jackers, Al Qaeda, bomb threats, patriotism, unilateral war, unwavering support, “you’re either with us or against us.” All of this was not really a new mind at all but just the next segment of the predetermined plan. And any one who opposed military aggression was seen as aiding and abetting our new enemies. If they did not fold to the emerging group personality, their Americanism was threatened, their citizenship was called into question and they were systemically picked off by being branded “traitors.”

And now a few years removed, a significant portion of the population is recovering from that vertigo. They’re waking up to the realization that they’ve been had. The fuzzy way of viewing the world is somewhat clearer and with the refocus comes the recognition that there are a few crooked pictures on the wall. And if you’re like me, you can’t walk by the same slanting picture before an anal retentiveness develops. Tilt it back and forth to make it linear. Might even bring out a balance to make sure that it is mathematically horizontal. It is easy enough with a simple picture. But it’s perplexing when there are a thousand slanting pictures covering the wall and when one is set straight the rest of them start to turn with it. It’s not immediately understood but each picture is connected somehow. The eyes dart back and forth between them and there are similar color patterns in some frames that line up with the color patterns in others; it is an overwhelming jigzaw puzzle.

Awakening.gif Awakening image by CalifBeachBum

Any attempt to try and put this new revelation together is met with resistance from those who have contented themselves with the story long enough that it is beyond the statute of limitations. The character of the Inquisition is entrenched within this resistance. Questioning anything is shifted from a rational inquiry to an emotional insensitivity. One is abusing the memory of the dead, one is letting our enemies off the hook, one is challenging the pillars of country. This line of reasoning is an attempt to hold up the tale given as infallible. Pointing out contradictions, collusions, coincidences and synchronicities is nit-picking. To go beyond mere awareness and try to reconstruct a new reality around new evidence or evidence that was overlooked in the state of trauma is to practice a forbidden science. The earth will pause on its axis if we go searching for Persephone. It’s a way to poison the well with enough slander, salaciousness and downright stupidity that anyone else will see it as character assassination to go the way of curiosity.

Have you ever woken up to a house full of the peacefully dreaming? Even tip-toeing through the inert stillness of night is a problem because you’re sure to startle someone. But you’ve a midnight yearning and a glass of water sounds refreshing or a ham sandwich. Trying your best to be stealth and delicate with kitchen untensils something crashes to the ground anyway. The noise irritates some light sleeper and they call out to you to “Be quiet!” “Go back to bed!” “You’re making too much damn noise!” And so you’ve a dilemma now: an appetite in need of resolution but to satisfy it might irritate others. Not only will you have one person, you’ll maybe have a whole mob pissed off and demanding that you “Go back to sleep!” For many though it may inconvenience their own pleasure, it’s preferable to “go back to sleep” rather than having the whole house calling for lynching.


A Wrinkle In Our Time

One of the most sensible arguments against government culpability in some of the more appalling evils in the world is that they are not organized enough to pull off agendas with the magnitude of 9/11. There would be hundreds, if not thousands of people to buy off. There would be a number of different intelligence agencies, security companies, and the airline itself involved as well as businesses that operated in the Towers. It’s difficult enough when there are only a dozen potential whistleblowers but how could they orchestrate a plan with the potential of hundreds of whistleblowers?

I’ve considered it and disposed of the idea of government disorganization as a reason to take them out of the suspect file. Still I don’t believe that it’s possible for them to get together and decide a cohesive framework without multiple contradictions flowing out. If you review the statements of those who worked on the commission to investigage the events of 9/11 and comments of many decorated officials about their attempts to gather evidence, there is no real consensus about what took place on that day. Even if the assembly of opinions were more convergent, it would not put the official storyline in the realm of non-analysis.

But because the official tale is easier to accept over the growing probability that there might have been high-level collusion, to go the way of independent investigation is frowned upon. And the more one goes into the function of government, it becomes clear that it is not inefficient by accident. Its incompetence is systemically deliberate. The proclamations that have built an industry around its inception have long since been relegated to the back office. To the dustbin in many cases.

Any of the references to its Montesquieu vision are used now to preserve only an appearance of and for the utility of assuring the masses that “democracy” still works. Loaded with the debt of high-profile political assassinations in the ark of the previous generation of people trying to assert their “democratic” ideals and the glaring evidences of stolen elections and monetary fraud, it still fights the behemoth of disenchantment by cavalierly sustaining the myth of democracy. These traits that are leading to public unrest are the symptoms of a banana republic, not a democracy. If it consoles one to hold that pretension, I can’t half blame you. But to review the last fifty years of mass scandal while yet canonizing democracy and holding it up as the best possible world is to sell ourselves short in the present and to piss off our future.

This is the hard part for those who feel overwhelmed by how the obvious debauchery grandstands and refuses to acknowledge its evil disposition. We may even be dealing with our own internal evils. Or we may feel that our estate has left us with inadequate advantage. Or the conflict of not knowing whether we can be of service to the world by working within the system or without. Krishnamurti asks whether when coming along a snake on the road would we turn off to avoid it or would we continue into its path where the charismatic smile may throw us off the scent of the venom in its kiss. It is the George Orwell cynicism that “In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.”

That paints a dreadful existence. That our only way out is to go within the system is a devilish irony. But that is all it is. It is not a paradox with all of its contradictions flowing to a center point where truth is harmonized. Its contradictions cannot be harmonized; there are a dozen different symphonies playing at once and the sound is nerve-wrecking. Not only is participation an unbearable aggravation, spectating is also debilitating. To enter into the field of play you must accept a rule book that can only be changed by them. The rule book itself seems to offer you a few protections but because powerful men much like them designed the rule book in the first place, they can ignore your protections at will. Plea for constitutional provision and what does it mean? It means nothing, it is not a bilateral contract, there are no explicit agreements between they and I and they are not obligated to uphold its provisions. We’ve been invoking a rule book that does nothing but encourage the very smokescreen we wish to dissipate.

And so if your experience leads you to protesting their over-reaching power, be forewarned. The rule book is not in your favor. Consent of the governed has no implication to their agendas. Set up your artifices outside their chambers and they laugh within at your foolishness. You legitimize their authority. You continue to enter into an involuntary contract that extends their power every time you send a letter of greivance. What is it to the master that the slave complains about his dwindling luxuries? The very fact that you come to the master in protest demonstrates your powerlessness; you reinforce your abject dependency with each complaint. In spite of our most revolutionary poetry, it is not the behavior of the empowered to argue with their government; it is the behavior of the disempowered who feel so abused they must go to their very abusers and request gentler treatment.

I encourage becoming a wrinkle in our time. Not because its fashionable or trendy but because our very existence and livelihood depends on it. Don’t agree? There is no controversy. You are not obliged to accept my mutterings. But we are in Camazotz, accepted or not. And we can parody the group delusion that says let’s stay on the train that leads humanity over the precipice or we can be Dr. Murry and refuse to succumb to the groupthink processes happening around us. Many have and have been persecuted for doing so. But if anyone is to find freedom, fear of evil, danger, death and prison must subside. This is an almost unbearable task and even for the most experienced warriors, the remnants of fear are sure to creep in at times. But many have held up the sceptre of truth under the unrelenting propaganda campaign by the Uniformity League that seeks to squash opinion and perspective inimical to their plans.

I don’t believe that any of us have a responsibility to preserve the system as we know it. Our only real responsibility is to ourselves and as we learn, become, drop out, and let go of the entanglements we come in to contact with our continuous initiation into the universal holograph, and understand our connection to others, family, friends, strangers and enemies alike. Those who are only encouraged about making anything happen in the world because they might fall into the favor of some prestigious businessman or they only want the bubble economy propped back up so that they can keep their Hi-Def TV or luxury sedan are ignoring this emergency koan that is here to instruct us in a better way. Being consumed with these things is the very reason we are here at this moment; it is both a warning and an opportunity.

Simply being positive while we endure abuse will not be our salvation. Stepping outside of the studio set that’s been set up to keep us away from any real living has been the missing birthright for some and may be for others. It’s agonizing to digest the new reality but fortunately that is only part of the process, for the reality is not an ultimate blueprint and though the Black Thing may be operating, it does not dictate our own vitality and resonance. We do not have to be reprimanded by the control operations. The control operation is based on mechanistic clockwork. It is a concept for subjugation, a black and white formula. Tactics that are utilized can be painful and subversive. But if Ewen Cameron’s mind control experiments in the 1950s and 1960s are any indication, even the most collaborative and brutal techniques are incapable of subduing the spirit that has tasted and knows freedom and wishes to remain in its presence.

We are not stagnant vehicles of energy. We are not pieces of furniture to be moved from factory to factory. Where ever the launching platform was I can’t ultimately say. But the bow was drawn somewhere and the arrow (us) is projecting across an infinite spectrum. The Uniformity League wants a frozen pictogram absent of momentum. Unthinking, unquestioning, always accepting new laws, clauses, regulations and restrictions, always for our protection and safety, rarely for our benefit. Trying to understand the arrow from the frozen pictogram that the Uniformity League has produced is fruitless as its very active element is lost; there is no longer a living, breathing, vibrant, fluctuating human being.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle tells us that it is impossible to measure both the position and velocity of an object with any accuracy or certainty. How many times do we approach a friend under the assumption that they will be the same as they were when last we saw them? We must release each other from the tyranny of our assumptions. It plays into the schemata of the Uniformity League that has crushed self-actualization since its inception. As the institution is a corporation, it is fictitious and the only way that they can conduct any business with the real, living, pulsating beings that we are is to enforce a system of artificiality and stagnancy.

As we our rediscovering ourselves at each moment, we must show others the same mercy. T.S. Eliot wrote in his poem Four Quartets, “There is, it seems to us, at best, limited value in the knowledge derived from experience. For knowledge imposes a pattern, and falcifies. For the pattern is new at every moment and at every moment is a new and shocking transvaluation of all that we’ve every been.” Receptivity to the change that we are incapable of putting off and embracing the unexpected blasts that rattle the skeletons of a dead past, the Uniformity League’s apparitions will vanish into oblivion.

6 Responses to “The Uniformity League”

  1. usxp Says:

    Great initial first post for your new blog! I am glad you have decided to not waste so much time on current events, there are more than enough that do that now and the example of what you have just written is time better spent IMO. Looking forward to reading future essays and I hope you do not mind if I post a few of them on my blog 🙂

  2. questioneveryprecept Says:

    It has been sort of a psychogenic fugue being caught in the realm of current events. And I’m thankful that there are blogs such as yours pulling works from all across the web that are leading folks (me included) to higher resonance.

    I hope we can continue to share from here on out.

  3. usxp Says:

    Yes it is so easy to get caught up in the gloom and doom of current events. That happened to me and it served to alienate me from friends and family along with destroying the best relationship I had ever had in my life. But that was my fault. I was so angry about all these things that I thought if I made others as angry as well something could be done about it. Well this “shotgun” approach does not work. I see that now, too late. I can’t blame those people either for not wanting to listen or see the truth because I have to look back at my own record on it. Probably well over 10 years ago already enlightened people were trying to tell me these things and I did not want to hear it either. The fact is people are going to have to wake up at their own pace. All we can do is follow the path being blazed by those ahead of us and leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind for others to find in the future, when their time is right.

    Keep up the great writing. I look forward to future correspondences and the sharing of information with you.

  4. The Uniformity League « Thomas Paine’s Corner Says:

    […] Simulposted with A Wrinkle in Time […]

  5. Erik Faulkner Says:

    I have just started to “wake up” to all this in the last week, and it has been an extraordinary revelation to recall the Madeleine L’Engle books I read when I was a child in the light of our present situation. Thank you so much for your writing. I think that you have a lot of good things to say.

  6. Deborah Says:

    Trying to find a definition for the word “enscrewment” brought me to your blog. Trying to maintain focus on my current area of study and yet curiously drawn to what I was glimpsing of some of your writing, I took time to read the end of this post, starting at A Wrinkle in Our Time. I, too, have left the box and am on the path. I will bookmark your blog and try to get back to read more.

    BTW, if the word ‘enscrewment” is here, I haven’t found it yet. 🙂

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